SlashBot is a new innovative Bot that brings slash commands to your server. You can easily get started by inviting it and typing out "/" and selecting from the available commands.


We offer a wide variety of features. From simple moderation over fun commands to utility commands, role management commands and even info commands. Down below you can see a list of all currently available commands (this list will be expanded of course).


We check if your members are allowed to use the commands and reject any request that the member doesn't have access to.
Denied request

Setting up the bot

If you're not familiar with Discord permissions and role setups you should be fine putting the bot Roles above the other roles
  • Make sure the Bot has a role above the roles it should manage
  • If you don't feel comfortable giving the Bot ADMINISTRATOR permissions you should give it those ones instead:
If you have problems setting up the bot you might want to reach out to us here


This is only a list with what commands exist, a more detailed list is on the next page
Commands with a / are main commands and commands with a > are sub commands of the previous / command.
Creates an invite with an activity
Shows a users assets
Bans a user and sends them a note
> add
Adds a ButtonRole to an already existing message
> advanced
Opens up a bulk setup to create buttonroles
> create
Creates an embed with a single button
> check
Checks if all components on a message are still valid
> move
Changes the order of components on a message
> setstate
Sets if members can press a button or not
Shows detailed information about a command
Exactly copies a message and embeds from another user
Adds Dropdownroles to a message
Opens up a bulk setup to create dropdownroles
Creates a dropdown with selectable roles that your users can select from
Edits a dropdownroles roles
Adds an embed to a message I sent
Creates a fully customizable embed
Edits a dropdownroles roles
Creates a button with a specific function
Shows info about an emoji and lets you (optional) add it
Sends a google search link
Provides help to frequently asked questions (selectable)
Provides information about the bot, statistics and links
Kicks a user and sends them a note
Adds a button that links to an url to one of my messages
Shows information about a message
Creates a poll embed for you and adds reactions
Purges up to 100 messages
Removes all buttons from a message I sent
Lets you remove a specific embed from a message
Creates a button that sends a message
Sets a custom slowmode
Modifies text for you
Lets you transfer buttons to another message
Transfers embeds from one message to another
Unbans a user from the guild
Warns a user and sends them a note
Shows information about who somebody is
Searches wikipedia for you
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